We are trailblazers in fearless pursuit of setting the world on fire, igniting the flames of  individual self discovery, self actualisation, personal empowerment and positive transformation.


Luminosity Lab are innovators in our unique conceptualisation and presentation of various  revolutionary tailor-made workshops/programs for a spectrum of audiences and age groups.

We share a passion for empowering women, men and the next generation of tweens, teens and young adults  to explore personal awareness, gain a keen understanding of human behavior and ultimately accomplish individual limitless potential. 


There is no magical secret to our success formula; we have simply developed a keen understanding of life’s basic truths never taught in the classroom or boardroom .These have been refined over time and evolved so that we can share with our audiences the key to living a successful and radiant life.

"Our vision is to inspire every audience and  individual to become the best version of themselves and in turn positively impact humanity.It takes just one flame to light a thousand more."


Karen Burt





Our workshops are studiously crafted to cover a diverse range of topics and are innovatively facilitated to engage our  audiences at various levels.The interactive activities and discussion forums are designed to enhance self-esteem, self-belief, explore personal values and motivate change. Our unique approach distinctly sets our programs apart to ultimately guarantee  the overall  positive outcome and experience for each individual and audience.

Expansion of personal awareness and consciousness necessary to excel in life. 

Evolved well being and maximization of individual potential

Cognisance of limiting beliefs

(personal and societal)

Development of self-esteem , self-belief and self-respect.



Our workshops are studiously crafted to cover a diverse range of topics and are innovatively facilitated to engage our  audiences at various levels.



Our LUMINOSITY LAB Workshops and Programs are a popular favorite for sponsors and brands to engage with their target market and audience enabling direct or indirect exposure to product or service offering. Workshop content is malleable and can be tailored to include various sponsor / brand inclusion or discussion.


Keep a lookout on what's happening next with regular updates of upcoming work shops and online virtual sessions.

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